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1st Class Teaching

Est  2016

1st Class teaching is a home tuition service based in Epsom, with a purpose built classroom, offering 1-1 tuition and group sessions run by Mrs Dayna Sharp (BA Hons, 1st class, QTS)​.

At 1st Class Teaching, children not only improve academically but they gain a love for learning and build in confidence after each session.​

Find out how 1st Class Teaching can help your little one learn and thrive today!

Why choose 1stClass Teaching?

• About me  •


I am a fun, energetic teacher, tutor and mummy to three wonderful children. I Have been a primary school teacher for eight years now and I still have just as much passion in teaching as the day I started! Over the last few years I have helped children to pass entrance exams, fill in gaps in their learning but most importantly, gain confidence and learn to love learning.

I have an enthusiastic approach to learning and make all of my lessons fun, interesting and interactive which makes children love coming to learn. Each lesson is planned to meet the individual needs of the child and parents receive a detailed report about their child's session. I pride myself on helping children gain confidence in my sessions and establish a real love for their learning.


Group sessions 

Learn together at a reduced rate!

Small group session offered to children of similar ages and abilities. Sessions are at a reduced rate which makes tuition more affordable. Minimum of 2 children needed to run this session. 

1-1 sessions 

Face to face sessions are carefully planned to meet the individual needs of each child. All sessions are engaging, fun and interactive and provide children with a love for learning attitude. All children receive their own workbooks, resources and a choice of a refreshment, whilst parents receive a detailed report after each session explaining what your little one has learnt so that you can track their progress as well as getting peace of mind over their learning. Book today and watch your little one grow in confidence after just one session.


Summer school

Are you concerned about how much schooling your little one has missed during the pandemic? Summer school is available throughout the school holidays to allow children to continue to learn and succeed throughout the summer break.  Summer school is a small group session available for children to catch up and prepare for their next academic year. Grab a friend today and lower the cost of tuition, because learning is more fun together anyway!

Little Learners 

Want to give your little one the best start in life? Thinking about giving them a huge head start before they start school? Join little learners today and see your little one grow and develop and gain a love for learning. Offering early phonics and maths skills in a fun interactive play based environment, your little one will explore letters, sounds and numbers during rich play experiences. Get in touch today to find out more.


Love for learning 

I have 2 infant school children who attend Dayna for weekly sessions. My son (year 2) started first and quickly settled into the groove and really loved attending the sessions which Dayna makes so much fun. When it was my daughter's turn she simply couldn't wait to get stuck in! I can't believe what an enormous difference it has made to both of them and has contributed hugely to increased confidence and love of learning. Dayna has a great grasp of the curriculum and seems to know jut how much to stretch them so that they really consolidate the work they are doing. My son's handwriting was also very poor before and he actively avoided doing written work, ans now it really is beautiful and he is praised for his neatness in school. Overall we couldn't be more pleased. The sessions are fun and jam-packed with learning. We also get a weekly written report which keeps us up to date with what they are doing and progress being made. 



Warm and invitin​g​

Dayna is brilliant. My son is 6 years old and sees Dayna once a week and he counts down the days and absolutely adores her. From the first moment we met her she was warm and inviting and made my son feel so comfortable. I can see such an improvement in not only academically but more importantly in his confidence. I would 1000% recommend. 



Perfect Tutor 

From the moment I started talking with Dayna I knew she was the perfect person to be tutoring my son.

She is currently tutoring him for English and helping with SATs for year 6.

She is so lovely & my son has never been so excited to learn.

Over the past few weeks we’ve found his homework more enjoyable as he is coming to understand things a lot easier with the help he has received.

I honestly can’t praise & thank Dayna enough, not only for her help but for putting the fun back into learning for him. :)



Refreshing and amazing

Dayna is an amazing tutor to my 8 year old son. Dayna's ethod of teaching is all fun and activity based, such a refreshing change from online learning or typical classroom based teaching. Dayna provides an in depth report after each session which is fantastic and something I have not seen with any other tutors before. I would highly recommend Dayna, thanks Dayna.



Caring and patient

Dayna was a wonderful tutor to my 7 year old son; caring, patient and a great listener, my son’s confidence with his school work has grown massively as a result of working with Dayna.

The results my son got for his SATS was greater than expected due to the intensive learning courses provided by Dayna.

I would not hesitate in recommending Dayna.



Fun with helpful feedback

Dayna is fantastic with our daughter (aged 6) who has been struggling at school with maths and literacy. She has clear learning objectives for each session and the activities are engaging, fun and practical which suits our daughter’s needs. Dayna always sends us detailed emails each week letting us know what has been covered with a lot of helpful feedback. My daughter loves her and can’t wait to go each week! I would highly recommend.



Engaging and high quality 

Dayna has recently started tutoring my two sons and we couldn’t be any happier. Both boys look forward to their lesson each week, and I receive a detailed report at the end of each session explaining what has been covered and their progress. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dayna to anyone looking for an engaging and high quality tutor.



Great tutor with individual lesson plans

My son started 1-1 recently with Dayna and I was pleased to see him getting quite comfortable just after his first session and has enjoyed weekly sessions since. Dayna provides reports after each class that I find so helpful knowing what he has been doing and what he needs to work on. She modifies lessons at times as my child needs this to keep him engaged and motivated.



fun and encouraging

Dayna is fantastic, she immediately won my son over, she engaged him with fun activities. She is very encouraging and keeps activities short and fun. It’s easy to see the benefits immediately. Would definitely recommend her if you are considering getting a tutor.




My daughter has really enjoyed her sessions with Dayna. Has come out of every session inspired and eager to show what she has learned / do further work.

Ms Claire


Find out how 1st Class Teaching can make a difference today.  



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